Transtar's Proven Technologies

Logistics Systems Analysis

Logistics systems analysis (LSA) is a set of tools and techniques used to help clients design and develop reliable, maintainable, transportable, and supportable systems at the least cost of ownership.

This is done by integrating logistic support considerations into system designs at the front-end of concept formulation activities where design and cost considerations can be influenced the most.

Preliminary Front-End Analysis

Preliminary Front-End Analysis (FEA)™ is our broad-based, limited-detail systems approach for defining project baselines and creating work breakdown structures (WBS).

We employ simple, high-level tools and expert opinion to identify requirements and quantify key factors that influence project design and life-cycle costs.

Lean Enterprise Development

Lean Enterprise Development (LED)™ is an integrated set of change methodologies designed to define and create unique customer value by streamlining organizational processes to make them more efficient.

LED evolved from the systems management field and represents a framework for fusing organization development principles with project management technologies to support the rapid development and efficient implementation of an organization's procedures and processes as they relate to specific system design projects.

Capability Development & Maturity

Capability Development & Maturity (CDM)™ is our technique for creating and sustaining key value stream process areas within an organization.

Based on DoD's CMMI™ models, we focus on developing and improving a myriad of related disciplines such as systems engineering, project management, software acquisition, and product and process development.

Software Applications

Transtar designed a suite of enterprise logistics programs to complement our logistics planning services. While undertaking those efforts, we were impressed by the extent of interest and desire client programmers expressed for simple tutorials on how to incorporate inline assembly language instructions into their high-level languages.

We took the opportunity to create a website called PMzone to give aspiring programmers the basic foundation and practical resources needed to get started in mixed-language programming activities.


Transtar's publications are developed to directly support a number of our technologies, as extensions to many of our workshops, and as a result of specific requests from clients.

Accelerated Project Management

Transtar's Accelerated Project Management™ practices are used to accelerate project outcomes. Salient aspects of our approach include focused efforts to generate project momentum, realize quick results—usually within 100 days or less—and obtain realistic and measurable results.

Enterprise Transition Process

Our Enterprise Transition Process™ is a comprehensive developmental change methodology designed to define and create unique customer value by transitioning ideas from concept into viable enterprises centered around new products and services.

Diagnostic Appraisals

We use systematic research and analysis methodologies to gather information for identifying the differences between a client's present situation and where the client desires to be.

To make accurate determinations, we employ a number of research tools and techniques:

  • Action research
  • Tailored and validated survey instruments
  • Individual and group interviews
  • Expert panels (Delphi Groups)
  • Observations of actual operations and activities
  • Review of organizational procedures and processes

Individual Assessments

Since people do things for their own reasons and not yours, it is important to understand their motivations, values, and behavior styles. Individual assessments provide requisite information leading to an understanding of the composition of the client's staff.

Transtar is certified in the following individual and group assessments:

  • DISC™ Behavior Style Assessments
  • Personal Interest, Attitudes, and Values (PIA&V)™ Assessments
  • Teams Evolving and Mastering Success (TEAM)™
  • Interests, Determination, Exploration, and Assessment System (IDEAS)™
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Personal and Professional Foundations (PPF)
  • Financial Needs Analysis (FNA)
  • Master Job Description (MJD) Assessments

Organizational Assessments

We make enterprise diagnosis a collaborative process that includes all pertinent stakeholders in order to collect accurate data, analyze it, and draw conclusions for recommended actions.

Our approach helps clients:

  • Identify opportunities and risks
  • Gather background information to gain insights into the organization's current environment
  • Understand the market situation through market research and Voice of the Customer type survey instruments
  • Establish baselines for tracking progress using gap analysis and recommending performance objectives