Transtar's Custom-Built Services

Expert Consulting Services

Our consulting services apply expert practices in very specific project areas. That is, our alliance of experts generally solve one or more specific problems in logistics systems design, development, and deployment.

Our specialists bring their expertise into client organizations and assist them in developing solutions to logistics-related challenges, and then work with project teams to implement practical solutions.

Project Team Coaching

Our project team coaching services involves collaborative assistance to business teams to reinforce ongoing organizational efforts.

Coaching is done using the Masterful Coaching Approach™, which involves focusing on the sources of technical-related issues through team dynamics.

On-Site Staff Augmentation

When desired, we can join your organization as part of your working staff to ensure close, daily collaboration and to sustain momentum in specific task areas.

One or more of our experts will work alongside your team to identify, evaluate, and achieve primary objectives using organization development and project management techniques.


Transtar provides informational and facilitative type workshops to support ongoing business and project activities. Workshops are typically implemented in conjunction to other ongoing efforts.

Our current workshop offerings include:

  • Front-End Analysis
  • Enterprise Capability Development & Maturity
  • Project Planning
  • Independent Government Cost Estimates (IGCE)
  • Systems Engineering
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Business Plan Development

Special Projects

Our team of talented experts often accept special projects such as creating websites, developing special-use programming languages, restoring old vehicles, or even assisting with the construction of experimental aircraft.

Proposal Development and Reviews

Proposals typically require many writers. Transtar's expertise in logistics systems can provide clients with a distinct advantage during proposal development and submission.

Our experts can provide logistics-related expertise during proposal reviews. We can evaluate a proposal from the customers perspective; comparing proposal content to the requirements in a government agency's request for proposal (RFP) document.

Technical Manuals and Reports

Our technical writers design, develop, and produce technical material using concise and effective techniques. We can take charge of whole projects or participate as a team member on one or more sections of a document. Our experts can provide editing, review, proofreading, and validation and verification services.

We can deliver technical products in several formats:

  • Printed Documents
  • On-Line Help Files
  • Web-Based Publications
  • Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM)
  • Operating and Maintenance Manuals
  • Digitized Pilot Operating Handbooks (POH)

Applied Research

We conduct qualitative type research usually in conjunction with logistics systems design trade studies.

Our systematic approach provides practical solutions to logistics issues:

  • Studies are framed within a set of assumptions and fundamental design characteristics
  • Studies begin with a single focus and include detailed methodologies and rigorous approaches to data collection
  • Data are analyzed using multiple construct levels
  • Models are developed to organize and categorize systems into financial and operational representations
  • Findings are focused on defining requirements, identifying cost and performance drivers, risks, and alternative concepts

Instructional Systems Design

Our instructional systems designers analyze learning needs and then provide tailored instruction that meets client requirements. We provide a wide-range of instructional formats from web page learning modules to entire classroom courses.