What Our Clients Want

Short-Term Technical Assistance

Each client has unique and legitimate business needs. In many instances, clients simply do not have the in-house capability to attend to complex business tasks or they don't have the time. Many times clients just need short-term expertise for specific project areas.

Affordable Services

Over the years we have found that many small businesses either do not have the financial resources to afford consulting services or are not comfortable obtaining outside assistance. These businesses do not normally fit our ideal client profile without special arrangements.

Rapid and Actionable Solutions

Our experience and professional capability allow us to take your project from concept to operational prototype. Our approach offers the following advantages:

  • Accelerated systems development
  • Cost reductions where possible
  • Greater team accountability
  • Improved congruency and project clarity
  • Leaner organizational process structures
  • Measurable and sustainable results
  • Optimization of your resources
  • Trust and confidence in our solutions

Guaranteed Results

To put it bluntly,—there are no guarantees. We cannot promise any specific results, nor can we guarantee any specific successes. This is because although we can provide advice to you; you are still responsible for your own business, project, and financial results. It is always up to you and your team to take advantage of any insights and expertise we may offer you.

If you hire Transtar, we will assist you in your efforts, be there when you need us, and we can and will do a lot of the ground work for you. However, in the end; you still have to do the hard work and make the correct decisions to succeed—there are no shortcuts to success.

How do I hire Transtar?

We generally work with one client at a time to optimize our resources and focus the efforts of our specialty experts. You can contact us to check on availability and to schedule an exploratory session.

How are Transtar's Services Delivered?

Our services are conducted either on-site at our client's business or at one of our corporate locations. We use a combination of consulting techniques combined with coaching and workshops to ensure our clients achieve their primary business-related goals. Generally, our services begin with an initial diagnosis of the organizational challenges using time-tested best practices. Feedback is provided upon completion of the diagnostic evaluation. The results are used to design tailored solutions that meet the needs of the client.

How Much do Services Cost?

Our services vary widely and cannot be accurately predicted without an understanding of what the client desires. Normally, our services are delivered on an hourly, daily, or retainer basis. In addition to the costs of professional advisors, there may be material supplies and other costs associated with a project. When working at client locations, there may be off-site costs including travel, per diem, lodging, rental car, and long distance and internet connections. Costs for each task and deliverable are outlined in detail in each proposal we provide clients and varies depending on complexity and duration.

Over a decade ago, Transtar accepted direct compensation for its services. Realizing that few entrepreneurs possessed the initial capital to pay for our services, we pioneered an innovative consulting-for-equity approach. This approach greatly assisted new entrepreneurs because we were willing to share in their startup successes. Contact us for more information on this payment approach.